Who is this Ms Mad?
And why should we be interested in her work?

The moniker Ms Mad is a leftover from Martha Murphy's life in the late 70's as a feminist, artist at large, and seeker of her True Destiny in the Universe. Decades later, a mid-life crisis triggered by her 50th birthday spurred her purchase of a Nikon F100 professional 35mm SLR camera and launched a passion for photography and travel which resulted in the development of a photographic style featuring bold color, sharp angles, and unique perspectives.

She claims little photographic expertise and explains, "I found a very smart camera to do all the technical work for me - so I can look for interesting pictures to take." And that she has - whatever catches her fleeting attention is ultimately caught by her lens - fast and furious - at what some who know her best call a "Mad" photo shoot.

That shooting has evolved in the 21st century to a Nikon D50 digital SLR, a kindergarten-level understanding of Photoshop (a whole new playground) - and the devine HP Photosmart Pro Printer - resulting in the introduction of larger than life 11" X 17" digital prints, plus Madscape, Square Shots, and Essential digital designs.

Twice annually (first full weekend in March and November) she peddles her wares at the Kirkwood Artists' Boutique at the Kirkwood Community Center, St. Louis, MO - and selected pieces can be seen and purchased through the Northern Arts Council Gallery at 27 South Florissant Road in Ferguson, MO - Updated images are being added to her redesigned website, with plans for online purchase options in the near future.

In the meantime, email inquiries are always welcome - and nothing will make her happier than finding a "good home" for a favorite print.

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